The Voice Agency

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Anna Barry (50-70)

Warm and sincere. A reassuring older, authoritative voice.

Melissa Berry (30-60)

WELSH: Warm & husky vocal delivery, particularly experienced in Audiobooks, Continuity and Corporates. Good regional accents.

Katie Beudert (12-35)

AMERICAN. Vibrant & assured young voice with pace & a breezy charm.


Sarah Blackstone (13-30)

AUSTRALIAN: Effervescent energy and sparkle, excellent at teenage/young voices.


Sarah Borges (20-35)

AMERICAN. Huge range of American accents and types.


Liane-Rose Bunce (18-35)

Calm, velvety & warm, with impressive versatility.


Harriet Collings (5-65)

Bi-lingual Harriet (English/French) has a youthful yet knowing style with an array of characters, accents and ages. Experienced in ADR.


Clare Louise Connolly

Animated, young Northern voice with a natural believability & warmth. Multiple accents & childrens voices a strength. Experienced in ADR.


Niamh Daly (20-35)

Dublin-born. Humorous light touch and range of Irish accents.

Emily Dormer (12-25)

Young and bubbly, naturally childlike. Light teens voice.

Sharon Duce (30-45)

Friendly, natural, unaffected & warm. Sheffield-born.

Noma Dumezweni (20-40)

A voice like liquid velvet. Great on accents.

Terri Dwyer (25-45)

Popular TV presenter & actress huskiness with a soft Northern lilt.


Victoria Fayne (9-45)

LIVERPOOL: Victoria has a chatty, friendly delivery with a wealth of Regional accents at her disposal. Great with characters too.


Annemarie Gaillard (18-30)

Intuitive, clever actress, with a soft, lilting brogue.

Grainne Gillis (30-55)

IRISH/AMERICAN: Warm, calm and direct - an assured voice. Highly accomplished & versatile Audiobook narrator


Tina Greatrex (45-65)

Really sexy, husky, mature voice.

Holly Harbour (18-30)

A bright, refreshing young talent, with a warm, engaging style.

CJ Johnson (20-40)

Highly commercial, modern direct delivery with a smile in the voice.


Harriet Kershaw (5-75)

A multiple voice jukebox genius - every age from small child to old lady, in whichever accent you choose.

Stephanie Lane (15-60)

Deep & assured voice with a wry and witty edge. Great energy and good with characters.

Eliza Marsland (16-45)

Friendly and approachable delivery, with warmth and empathy. Manchester born, also Liverpool, Lancs, Yorkshire & Generic Northern accents available.


Lottie Mayor (18-30)

A fresh, young, contemporary voice.

Nneka Okoye (10-35)

BRIT/NIGERIAN: Charming, youthful delivery with a modern edge. RP, Urban, Mancunian, African & Caribbean accents available.

Charlotte Page (20-40)

Warm and intelligent, with an impressive array of accents and characters.

Sarah Pitard (10-30)

AMERICAN: Ebullient & pacey delivery, a naturally young voice.


Susie Riddell (20-40)

Scots born, Birmingham bred with natural RP accent. Charming & knowing voice with many characters and accents. A Radio Drama favourite and experienced in book narration.

Abi Roberts (30-50)

Comedian, writer and actress, Abi has a highly commercial voice good regional UK accents, fluent Russian and is a gifted impressionist.


Tania Rodrigues (16-50)

A voice of clarity, sincerity & warmth. Multi-Accents & Characters/Indian Dialects. Intelligent & popular Audiobook Narrator.


Alyssan Russell (20-50)

AUSTRALIAN: Self-assured, warm & confident delivery. Highly experienced with South African, New Zealand and various English accents available too.


Caroline Sheen (20-35)

Welsh-born. Lively & commercial, sensitive reads.


Gemma Stroyan (7-40)

SCOTTISH: Assured, pacey & easy style. Estuary, Irish & American accents also a strength


Rebecca Vere (25-40)

A delightful voice with a natural flair for comedy.

Judy Sweeney (25-40)

SCOTTISH: Rich & gravelly voice, with humour & compassion.

Joanna Wake (45-70)

Gentle authority, with great range and superb dialects.

Mandy Weston (10-70)

Highly experienced, intelligent & intuitive delivery. An accomplished audiobook narrator & fabulous with accents and ages, from children to OAPS!