The Voice Agency

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Giles Alderson (18-35)

Born & bred in Yorkshire. Approachable, energetic, endearing voice & a relaxed & reassuring style. Motion capture, presenting, improv. & great regional accents.

Alex Avery (30-50)

Great charm and a natural, engaging delivery with a light gravelly tone. West Country & Mid-Atlantic accents a strength.

Martin Ball (25-40)

A pleasing, warm voice, medium to deep, with a light touch for comedy.

Bill Bingham (40-60)

Warm & smooth, factual and friendly with natural charm.

Robert Booth (40-60)

Rich & deep, gravelly yet sexy. Authority with a light touch.

Stefan Booth (18-35)

Cool, modern, attractive and assured.

Paul Broughton (35-55)

Rich & deep, gravelly yet sexy. Authority with a light touch.

Joseph Capp (18-75)

A voice of gravitas and command, yet also a lightness of touch when required. A gifted mimic.


Ben Deery (16-60)

Smart, pacey & direct delivery. Highly versatile and great with accents.


Chris Ellis-Stanton (18-35)

Versatile and charming, with youthful energy. RP, Estuary & West Country accents

Shaun Escoffery (16-30)

Rich, husky and versatile.

Brian Fenton (16-35)

IRISH: Intuitive, youthful energy, with sensitivity & maturity belying his years.


Tim Flavin (25-40)

AMERICAN. Great performer. Energy & versatility.

Maurice Gleeson (30-45)

S.IRISH. Strength & depth. Humorous. Medical background.

Garrick Hagon (35-55)

AMERICAN: Strong melodious voice & enormous range.



David Hall (35-60)

Solid, straightforward, delivery. With both a Science & Theatrical background, David is particularly adept at Corporate recordings. Experienced Motivational Speaker.


Ian Hanmore (40-60)

SCOTTISH: A rich, dependable and relaxed voice. Gift for comedy.


Douglas Hansell (20-45)

AUSTRALIAN: Astute & accomplished actor with a natural flair for characters and comedy. American & English accents also available.


Tim Hardy (40-60)

Smooth & sincere, with great warmth. Fabulous narrator.

Jonathan Hart (30-45)

Witty & sardonic delivery with a natural broadcasting style. Droll, observant characters.

Ben Heathcote (16-40)

Northern/Lancashire: Hugely likeable, energetic & confident delivery. Naturally funny, with a cheeky wink in the voice. Good UK accents.


Nicky Henson (50-80)

Highly respected & established actor. Gravitas, wisdom and depth - a log fire of a voice! A wealth of experience & a popular narrator.

David Hopper (12-30)

Lively & characterful, young Geordie voice. Natural delivery - Northern accents a strength.

Tim Howar (20-35)

AMERICAN: Zany, totally energetic, incredible speed. Also delivering sensitive, thoughtful reads.

Andrew Hunt (20-35)

Earthy, gravelly, sounds intelligent and trustworthy.

Thomas Hunt (16-30)

Gorgeous, rich tone. Mature & assured. Welsh-born.



Angus King (25-40)

Reliable Scottish voice with warmth and charm.

Daniel Koek (15-40)

AUSTRALIAN: Highly commercial, smooth style with bounce and pace. Bi-lingual Dutch and an accomplished singer.

Corey Lawson (25-45)

AMERICAN from L.A. - incredibly deep, velvety voice.

Joshua LeClair (12-25)

CANADIAN/AMERICAN: A young, upbeat voice, bursting with energy. Great at kids voices and animation. Fluent in French Canadian.


Greg Lockett (16-45)

AMERICAN: Pacey, lively and direct, with clarity & an intuitive style. Mid-Atlantic, Md Eastern & all regional US accents.


Gerard Logan (25-35)

Lively young London, plus excellent RP, and soft Irish.



Tom Lorcan (18-35)

A sensitive, versatile & intuitive young actor (Leeds-born).


Gregg Lowe (13-30)

Highly experienced young actor. Conversational, youthful delivery, and a natural at accents.


Andy Mace (20-40)

Straightforward, upbeat delivery. Instinctive comic timing and a gifted mimic with many character voices.


Jamie Mac Phee (18-35)

SCOTTISH: Powerful voice, with the ability to charm.


Philip McGough (40-60)

Ranges from warm and sympathetic to cynical or sinister.

Michael McKell (25-40)

East end charm - a mix of strength and a great deal of humour.

Patrick McKenzie (25-60)

An urban voice, of warmth and resonance. Experienced in Commercial, Corporate & Narrative work. RP, South London, Cockney, Jamaican and Caribbean accents available.

Patrick Moy (20-35)

IRISH: Engaging, whimsical and warm. Very popular.


Steve Nicolson (40-60)

Gravelly power & presence, with great charm.

John Pirkis (30-50)

Warm, strong & authoritative with a hint of irony. ISDN only.


Struan Rodger (30-50)

Honeyed tones, vast range of dialects. Fabulous narrator.

Matt Roper (30-50)

Mancunian comedian & writer - Northern accents, and character/cartoon voices a speciality.

Showreel pending...

Howard Samuels (35-55)

Natural RP but has a good ear for accents. A rich, deep voice with a witty, sardonic edge. A great raconteur.


Rhys Swinburn (10-30)

Welsh-born. Lively young voice, very good range. Specialist in kids' voices.

Charlie Tighe (18-45)

RP: Refined & engaging delivery. Intelligence with light and shade. UK Regional, also American & Australian accents.


Ben Whitehead (30-50)

A voice of depth, gravitas and pace, with an uncanny gift for impersonating. Experienced in Animation & Gaming.


William Wilde (45-65)

Smooth, gravelly with strength & depth, yet a lyrical quality.

Alex Wingfield (16-30)

Youthful and engaging voice with an endearing & natural quality. Great with accents.


Matt Wycliffe (16-30)

BIRMINGHAM: Bright & breezy commercial style. Fast talker when need be/required, good with British & American accents.