The Voice Agency

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* denotes sight-reader

Joanna Ampil

Stunningly pure voice, many starring roles.

Anna-Jane Casey*

Gifted, comedic, with a huge range.

Sharon Clancy

Lead vocalist, jazz & rock bands.

Anita-Louise Combe

Aussie: stunning range & comic flair.

Louise Dearman

Lovely, melting soprano - strong belt.

Hazel Fernandes*

Smoky, glorious, seasoned performer.

Nina Ferro

Strong with silky tones - a voice to make you melt.

Josefina Gabrielle

Leading lady, wonderful clarity.

Helen Hobson*

A wealth of musical experience. Great strength and emotion.

Jamie-Lisa Jacquemin

Young, vibrant, star in the making.

Debbie Kurup*

Soulful, modern sound, hugely talented.

Hilary O'Neil

All-round entertainer, gifted impressionist.

Charlotte Page

Beautiful operatic and musical theatre voice.

Diane Pilkington*

A modern, classically pure and pretty voice.

Katie Rowley-Jones*

A powerful, clear & youthful voice.

Caroline Sheen*

Welsh-born. Sweet yet sassy voice.

Gertrude Thoma*

European chanteuse with style and panache.

Rebecca Thornhill*

Traditionally pure, exquisite voice, witty.

Sally-Ann Triplett

Extraordinary range & experience - a belter.

Rebecca Vere

Sweet and clear, and a natural mimic.

Hannah Waddingham

Dynamite - with a sensational set of pipes!

Helen Walsh

Aussie: lovely clarity, naturally humorous. ISDN only.